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Upload-video.net is a free video host without registration required to host and share your videos in a few clicks: Different adjustable parameters are proposed before video hosting (status of video, temporary video hosting..).

Temporary video hosting

Once the video has been selected, you have the possibility to choose a variable hosting time before uploading (1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, 31 days..), the video will be deleted automatically after the defined time.

Host a private video

Determine who can watch your videos: by choosing the private status, you will be the only person to know the link to your video, free to share the link later if you wish.

Upload and share videos online

For each video hosted, 3 links are created to allow you to share your videos on different media: a direct link to the video, a html code and the BBCode for forums.

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Answers to your questions about video hosting

What is Upload-video.net?

Upload-video.net is a completely free service allowing you to host and share your videos, you can use it as a storage space to keep your videos and share your videos, links are provided to you allowing you to the shareware on any support:

  • Forums
  • Chat
  • Blogs
  • Social networks
  • Internet sites
  • E-mail

How long will my videos be hosted?

By default the videos are hosted 31 days as a guest and indefinitely if you are a member, they will remain on our servers until you decide to delete.
You can also choose a duration of hosting during the upload, the video will be deleted automatically after the set time.

What video formats are allowed?

Accepted video formats are: mp4, avi, flv (other video formats are added soon)

What is the maximum size of videos that can I host?

The maximum allowed size is 1 GB / video with a maximum time of 30 minutes.

How to report a video / comment?

You can report abuse via the Report video / comment button directly on the page where the video is or by contacting us via the contact form.

How to delete uploaded videos?

As a guest, a link to delete the video is sent to you after hosting. If you are a member you will find all your videos on your account and can delete them.

Video hosting without registration?

You can use the site upload-video.net without restriction and without having to create an account. The video hosting without registration will be simply more restrictive because you will have to keep yourself the link of the video and the link of suppression.

Difference between Public and Private status?

Private Hosting: Only you will be able to see the video and know the video sharing links. Public Hosting (member only): Everyone will have access to your video, sharing links and it will also be displayed on the homepage.